Care Before and After Surgery

Before Surgery

  • Adult dogs and cats should receive no food after 10pm the night before surgery. Water all night is OK. Kittens under 4 pounds should be fed the night before and then receive a teaspoon of food by 7am on the day of surgery.
  • Keep pets inside the night before their appointment so we can be certain they will not find anything to eat.
  • Cats must be in individual carriers and all animals must remain in the car until after the owner has paid.
  • Payment is due upon check-in. We accept cash, credit, and debit cards. No $100 bills, American Express, or checks, please.
  • We open our doors at 8am, but you can arrive early to begin filling out paperwork and take your place in line.
  • WAG is normally open Monday through Friday for surgeries, vaccines, and flea treatments.
  • Except for feral cats, all services are by appointment only.

After Surgery

  • Keep your pet inside and restrict activity for 7–10 days, dogs should be on a leash to go potty.
  • Check the incision site once a day to check for signs of infection. Call us at 541-345-3566 if you are concerned.
  • No bathing or swimming for 2 weeks. The incision is held together with sutures that will dissolve over the next 4 months, but the skin is closed with surgical glue and should not be overly wet.

For more information, see the following handout:

After surgery instructions

Dog and cat sleeping