Feral or Stray Cat?

Feral cats are wild and afraid of people. While socialized and bonded with their cat colony members, they are not so with people. They prefer the outdoors and, in most cases, can’t acclimate to indoor living. Feral cats will keep a safe distance from people and will crouch low to stay hidden. They will run away fearfully if approached, won’t vocally communicate with us, and are unlikely to make eye contact. Most feral cats are not adaptable to living in homes and, if taken to animal shelters, will likely be killed. Feral kittens may possibly be socialized if very young and given a lot of attention.


Please help the overpopulation of unwanted cats by offering them shelter and routine food and water. Have them vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) saves feral cat lives.


Stray cats are abandoned or lost cats that have been cared for once as a pet. They are socialized with people, but can be shy or hesitant. They may approach you or allow you to touch them. They will most likely live alone, associate people with food, and stay near homes and businesses. They may display an upright tail and vocalize with you, signifying friendliness. They can be re-introduced and adjust to indoor living.